Your role: - As part of our research and development team, you are managing the development of innovative methods and products for the analytics of neo-antigen/tumor-specific T-lymphocytes - You will successfully implement the validation of neo-antigens and the monitoring of neo-antigen-specific imm
Your role: - As a member of our Bioinformatics group you develop software in the context of personalized cancer immunotherapy. - You follow the guidelines for development and validation of software in a clinical environment to fulfill this task. - You develop innovative methods and algorithms for th
Your role: Miltenyi Biotec is fully committed to the advancement of cellular therapies. The CliniMACS Prodigy is Miltenyi Biotecs key biomedical platform for the manufacturing of cellular therapeutics. A team of more than 40 employees is working on its further development and the implementation of n
Your role: - In this position you use modern measurement, control, regulation and automation techniques for the development of new operating equipment, testing processes as well as for the improvement of existing plants and equipment in the GMP environment. - You are jointly responsible for the soft